This May Be Why Your Hair Is Not Growing

Hey Groovy Angel, 

Have you ever told yourself, "My hair isn't growing" or "My hair doesn't grow"? I know I have said that quite a few times while on this natural hair growth journey. That was ignorance on my part. I am here to tell you today that you have been telling yourself a lie. A myth. A statement that is not true.

Here is the truth:

The hair follicle is ALWAYS growing. What's really happening is that you are struggling to retain length. The goal is not hair growth; it is length retention. 

I was one of the little girls with thick, luscious, long hair that reached my waist. However, when I got older, I did not have the knowledge, tools, and products to care for my hair. This resulted in the inevitable breakage. Throughout middle school, my hair would not "grow" past my neck (my brittle strands wouldn't even touch my shoulders). It was hard out here for ya girl. 

Over the years, I struggled to find products that worked, resulting in me being a product junkie and following every hair trend there was. Psst...I highly recommend that you do not do that. 

On average, the hair shaft grows about half an inch a month. That is about six inches a year! I had to learn that the issue wasn't that my hair wasn't growing. It was just breaking off at the same rate. Talk about a sigh of relief. Now I knew what to focus on. 

There are three stages of hair growth: anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase. Along these stages, your hair shaft splits, snapping, and breaks off. 

 diagram of three stages of hair growth


You may be wondering, "This is great information and all, but why is my hair breaking? How can I fix it?" 

Some culprits of hair breakage are lack of moisture and hydration, improper detangling, friction, tight hairstyles, excessive manipulation, moisture or protein overload, neglected split ends, and haircare neglection. 

Now if the inability to retain length is due to excessive shedding, then that is an entirely different story but also fixable.

Do any of these problems ring a bell? Personally, I have struggled with every one of these culprits at least once while on this journey. Here are some habits that I either stopped or introduced into my hair care regimen:

  1. I use warm water and conditioner or a DIY oat gel (I will release a video and a written recipe for this soon) to detangle my hair with the top-tier detangling brush, Tangle Teezer. Side note: I am not sponsored.
  2. NO MORE YANKING AND PULLING THE HAIR APART! I always tend to my hair in sections, whether detangling, styling, applying product, etc.
  3. I started deep conditioning more frequently every wash day with a hydrating deep conditioner. Once I put on a shower cap and used a heated one, it took my deep conditioning sessions to a different level!
  4. Herbal hair teas have been a game changer to boost hydration for my hair before I apply products to moisturize my hair strands. 
  5. I threw out all those old products (yes, they have expiration dates) or gave them to someone who needed them more than I did. Instead, I focused on finding and using one to two products of every category that worked for my hair. I do not follow natural hair trends as much. 

The list goes on, but these are just a few. Now, if you either already do these things, or find that something else works, then so be it. Like our mamas and grandmammies used to say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." 

Start with addressing the culprits. Once you have culprits, try some of my tips or do your research to find solutions. If you have a professional natural hair specialist in your area, I'd recommend booking a consultation. Please do your research on them first! 

This journey is full of trials, testing, failings, and rewards. Patience is a virtue, and you will need it when caring for your natural hair. However, it will all work out. I am proof of that. Once upon a time, I couldn't get my hair to retain length past my neck, and now I am super close to waist-length hair! You got it love.


Happy Growing!


With love, 

Amani Griffin

Founder of Vania Essentials 




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